Wines, olive, truffles, lavender, aromatics plants

When you think of Provence, you think of all the good regional products of Provence like wines, olives and olive oils, truffles, aromatic plants, lavender and lavandin, and of course nougat. All these good and beautiful Provence products adorn the colorful stalls of the most beautiful markets in the region, the cellars of the best Provencal vineyards, the artisan shops in the heart of town centers or in the countryside directly from the producer.

A real journey and a change of scenery, you attend during the tasting, the purchase or the visit of the place of manufacture of these products of Provence. We invite you to learn more about certain vineyards in the region, certain oil mills, certain artisans and certain producers in Provence. Discover their website and their description, and leave with a case of wine, a piece of nougat, a tomme of cheese, a basket or a jar of herbs from Provence.

This guide is also intended to reveal certain secrets of regional products from Provence such as where they are made, the diversity of their soils, their harvest period and what to accompany your meals. In a green and soothing environment, traditions are perpetuated to continue the production of these products of Provence.

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