4 km from Sérignan du Comtat, 6 km from Orange, 8 km from Violès
Altitude : 70 m
Population: 4299

Camaret-sur-Aigues is a village set out in the shape of a circle, surrounded by fortified walls, with several gates allowing access to the village (in the Middle Ages the ramparts were further surrounded by a moat of three metres wide which was filled with water when the village was under attack). Close to both Orange and Carpentras, it has retained all the characteristics of a typical small Provençal community, with the old part of the village and its many historical monuments at its centre.

What to see, what to visit: the church of Saint-Andéol, the chapel of Saint-Andéol, the chapel of Notre Dame-d'Aubune (ninth and tenth century), the prehistoric caves of Ambrosi and Rocalinaud, the square tower  (Tour Sarrasine), the Maison Bèque (the house of Joseph Esprit Lambert), a fresco by the artist Vincent Liévore on the church square, the remains of the feudal castle, the olive oil mill, the cellar offering a selection of Muscat wines.
Available activities: walks and horse riding circuits, moto-ball, fishing.

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