5 km from Vellemux, 6 km from Aubenas les Alpes, 7 km from Saint Michel l'Observatoire, 10 km from Oppedette, 11 km from Viens, 12 km from Pierrevert, 15 km from Manosque
Altitude : 600 m
Population: 1341

A hilltop village dominated by a tower, a castle and the Chapelle Saint-Denis, which was restored in 1858, parts of Reillanne’s ramparts and gates dating back to the twelfth and thirteenth centuries are still intact – a reminder of Reillanne’s medieval heritage.

What to see and visit: the Lombard-Gothic architecture of the Église de l’Assomption; the eighteenth-century Chapelle Saint-Denis. There are a number of traces of Reillanne’s Roman past, including Gallo-Roman engravings, a Roman road and the mass grave at Carluc.

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