Simiane la Rotonde

village of simiane la rotonde

24 km from Apt

Altitude: 630 m
Population: 580

A magnificent village built on a hill surrounded by vast expanses of lavender and lavandin fields, it is located between the Lure, the Ventoux and the Luberon, very close to 'le Colorado Provençal'. Listed as a 'cité de caractère', the village is steeped in history as is readily testified by the many beautiful and unexpected architectural buildings you can see here, dating back to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Its 18 m rotonde (rotunda), which gave its name to the village, was part of the defence system of the fortified castle of the Agoult-Simiane. Today it welcomes tourists, and hosts exhibitions, conferences and concerts. Its main room, which offers superb acoustic qualities, hosts a renowned festival of ancient music which has been held for the past twenty eight years and takes place every summer from mid-July to mid-August.

field of poppies, simiane

What to see, what to visit: Twelfth century Rotunda; medieval dungeon; steeple of Saint-Jean (sixteenth century); church Sainte-Victoire (twelfth century); covered halls (sixteenth century); town houses and workshops in the old village; music festival; arts and crafts: ceramics, painting, sculptures...
Recommended activities: walking trails (GR 4), guided tour of the village.

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