9,5 km from Valréas, 16 km from Vaison la Romaine, 4,5 km from Tulette, 20 km from Nyons.
Altitude : 112 / 386 m
Population: 1878

Until the French Revolution, Visan formed part of the Diocese of Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux. During the tenth century, the Castrum primitif became known as the Castrum Avisani, and dwellings were then built around it. The Barons of Mévouillon became its Seigneurs in 1224, selling parts of it to the Dauphins and to the Baux, as well as to the Pope, in 1334.
As a point of interest, it is in Visan that the first two editions of the French TV reality show La Ferme Célébrités were filmed.

What to see, what to visit: The chapel of Notre-Dame des Vignes, to the east of the village, the Rue des Nobles with its fifteenth century houses, the church of Saint-Pierre, the remains of a twelfth century castle, and the remains of the ramparts with two gates (the fourteenth century Porte du Puy Barret and the early fifteenth century Porte Saint Martin), the chapel of Saint-Vincent (to the north of the village).
Recommended activities :
Mountain biking

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