15 km from Carpentras, 13 km from the Barroux, 12 km from Malaucène, 3,5 km from Crillon le Brave
Altitude : 300 m
Population: 2657

Bedoin is a village nestling at the foot of the southern slopes of the Ventoux, shielded from the Mistral wind, and which has been inhabited since the Neolithic ages. The communal forest of Bedoin is the biggest in France, stretching over 6,300 hectares at altitudes of between 350 m and 1912 m above sea level.

What to see, what to visit: the Romanesque chapel of Notre-Dame du Moustier, the church of the Baux de Bedoin, the chapel of La Madeleine (12th century).
Recommended activities: walking and mountain bike circuits, mountain bike and road cycle rentals, rock climbing, horse riding.

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