6 km from Carpentras, 10 km from Pernes-les Fontaines
Altitude : 53 m
Population: 10884

In the heart of the Comtat Venaissin (listed as an 'Area of Arts and History'), Monteux is a vibrant town which organises each year a number of exciting events: the Festivities of Saint-Jean, the Music festival of Saint-Jean, the Autumn fair, a medieval festival... Monteux is also the hometown of the firm Lacroix-Ruggieri, one of the world's leading designers of pyrotechnic shows, and every year it organises a spectacular firework display. History lovers can visit the Tour Clémentine, a 28 metre-high tower (which owes its name to Pope Clément V who stayed in Monteux), the town gates of the Porte d’Avignon, the Porte Neuve, the church of Notre Dame de Nazareth…

What to see, what to visit: Avignon and the Popes' Palace, the Mont-Ventoux (on foot, by car, on horseback or, of course, on your bike!), Carpentras, Orange.
Recommended activities: walks, swimming, pétanque, mountain biking, karting.

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